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Certificate Verification

Important Informations and Limitations

  • RGL report is not guarantee or valuation and RGL does not make any warranty or representation regarding the reports.
  • The report become invalid if any changes had been made to the report or stone as it is subjected to be changed and modified.
  • RGL could refuse the issuance of any sort of gemstone report at any time.
  • The report should contain the RGL hologram otherwise it is subjected to be invalid (Not valid for Gemstone Memo).
  • The report includes only the characteristics of a stone recognized and detailed at the time of tested, examined and analyzed.
  • The result documented in the report presented using only the equipments and techniques available at the time of examination at RGL.
  • The client agrees to hold responsible if RGL and its employees for any loss, injury, damage or expenses resulting due to any error or omission from the issuance of any report. Even the RGL and its employees are not liable if such damages, loss or expenses caused by them.
  • Some gems which are subjected to low temperature heat where treatments are not always detectable or not detectable on corundum but mostly on semi-precious stones.
  • Certain natural Padparadscha color-centers that may fade after a time, can be restored by exposed to sunlight.
  • The comments reported regarding any treatment are specifically valid only to the time period.
  • A person submit a corundum may request opinion for treatment as it is a challenge and time consuming due to different types of heat treatment if request and at time of possible details given under “Comments”. "Indication of Heating" or symbol "H" enhanced by heating.
  • We are not Checking for the Beryllium Treatmements. Which need further advance analysis necessary with LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)or more preciously with LAICPMS (Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry).
  • Corundum Treatments information will be written under the ‘comment’ section as per request.

Note : Barcode and QR code is printed on our certificates. Using these you can download the online copy of the certificates.